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The new premium scanning standard

SCANLAB's excelliSCAN scan head sets new high-end standards for meeting the most challenging demands. Its groundbreaking SCANahead control technology and field-proven dynAXISse digital-encoder galvanometers attain previously unreachable dynamic performance and precision. This translates to enormous gains in productivity and process accuracy.



SCANLAB's premium scan heads

intelliSCAN series scan heads excel in their expandability and digital servo electronics.

Thanks to powerful servo algorithms, these scanners fulfill the toughest demands for dynamics, flexibility and precision, while also delivering very good marking quality. intelliSCAN 's electronics provide comprehensive possibilities for remote diagnostics and communication between the scan system and control computer; all key status parameters are captured in real time.

SCANLAB's universal scanners

hurrySCAN scan heads offer compact and versatile high performance – providing flexible usability in nearly all industrial laser materials-processing applications. Moreover, hurrySCAN scan systems are especially cost-efficient.

A range of scan heads for a diversity customer requirements


These scan heads are available in various levels of dynamics and with apertures from 7 mm to 30 mm, to meet practically every customer need.

hurrySCAN systems with small apertures deliver exceptional dynamics with high precision – allowing write speeds up to 1,000 CPS . Scan heads with larger apertures are designed for high speeds at laser powers up to the multi-kilowatt range and offer small spot sizes.


SCANcube is the most compact series of all SCANLAB scan heads. Despite their diminutive volume, these scan systems deliver high dynamics along with the best price/performance ratio.

The SCANcube III series impresses with further improved dynamics and precision.


The standard scan head for laser labeling

The basiCube 10's full 10-mm aperture is ideal for use with fiber lasers.Its ultra-compact housing facilitates very straightforward integration into production lines. And it offers impressive dynamics, e.g. 800  cps  with good writing quality.

basiCube is available for four different wavelengths (355 nm, 532 nm, 1064 nm or 10600 nm) and is combinable with a variety of objectives. Control is via the digital XY2-100 protocol.


Scanning at highest powers

powerSCAN scan systems exactingly position laser beams of multiple kilowatts onto your workpiece in mere milliseconds.

Apertures from 33 mm to 70 mm enable small spot sizes and high power densities – even at large working distances and with large image fields.


Laser welding made easy

intelliWELD is a 3D scan system developed for robot-assisted welding applications – it swiftly and precisely positions the laser beam along 3D contours.

The intelliWELD scan system quickly and accurately fine-positions and moves the laser spot in space, while a robot transports the scan system along a workpiece contour. This combination reduces the positioning time between individual weld steps down to mere milliseconds and substantially boosts beam utilization.



high power meets high dynamics

The welDYNA scan head is suitable for demanding welding and cutting tasks with highly dynamic beam oscillation. This provides major process advantages, such as welding dissimilar joints or cutting thick metal sheets. 


palmSCAN is a very compact scan system especially suitable for handheld operation. Its ergonomic design and light weight ensure natural, fatigue-free handling.

Two high-performance galvanometer scanners enable fast and precise positioning of the laser beam.

palmSCAN's compact, light metal housing is easy to clean and disinfect.

Scan Systems

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