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z-shifting that breaks the speed limit

SCANLAB‘s new dynamic z axis extends your 2D scan head to a 3D scan system.

Due to its highly innovative design and field-proven galvanometer technology, it drastically raises dynamic performance unreached by conventional z adjusters.

The achieved identical dynamics of all three axes now opens up entirely new processing strategies and opportunities. Furthermore, this new technology uses only reflective optical components. This allows using different wavelengths without dispersion and reduces thermal lens effects at power laser applications.

The new z-axis system can be perfectly combined with the field-proven intelliSCAN 2D scan system family and with the excelliSCAN systems.

Typical applications are:
Ultra-fast 3D processing, Micromachining, Marking of curved surfaces and Deep engraving.



Workpiece-Processing in 3 Dimensions

varioSCAN dynamic focusing units provide highly dynamic , exceptionally precise positioning of the laser focus along the optical z axis, thus enabling straightforward transformation of xy scan units into 3D beam deflection systems. The laser focus can be guided along the contours of the workpiece being processed.

varioSCAN is ideal for applications requiring flat field objectives. Likewise for situations where those costly objectives are unwanted (or unavailable). In that case, varioSCAN manages not only focal z-adjustment, but also flat-field correction.


z Axes & 3D add ons

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