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Remote Laser Welding

Remote Laser Welding

Industrial manufacturers often utilize the concept of remote laser welding, involving industrial robots and working distances of several hundred millimeters.

SCANLAB and its affiliated company Blackbird Robotersysteme have developed a carefully-designed complete solution that encompasses monitoring and controlling of the welding process. The intelliWELD scan system, with galvanometer-driven mirrors, is used to precisely guide the laser beam. Here, the 3D scan head can arbitrarily reposition the focus in mere milliseconds and, in conjunction with a camera, offers the possibility of simultaneous process monitoring.

precSYS Micro

machining system

precSYS 5-axis micromachining system​

The precSYS micromachining sub system enables laser micro processing and drilling of flexibly variable geometries as well as laser cutting and structuring. Designed for ultra-short-pulse (USP) lasers, precSYS's bore holes and cutting edges are exceptionally clean cut and don't require post-processing. 

The precSYS combines leading-edge high-end scan technology, integrated control, embedded PC and user-friendly software. This enables laser micro processing with ultimate dynamic performance and precision. Its graphical user interface facilitates straightforward creation and testing of micro-processing jobs. The very robustly constructed scan system is optimized for industrial usage. Its compact, modular design and specially adapted hardware and software interfaces allow easy integration into customer-specific laser machines and automated IoT (internet of things) environments. 


Polygon Scanner Systems


High-Speed Polygon Scanner Systems

Ultra-short-pulse (USP) lasers are advantageous for maximum-precision micro processing of diverse materials because cold ablation allows particularly fine, targeted material removal. To achieve industrial-scale productivity, USP lasers shall be combined with ultra-fast scanners such as polygon scanner systems. Polygon scanners are ideally suited for line-oriented full-surface processing of workpieces – at fine resolutions and with freely definable patterns and structures. Thanks to their high speed, these systems can drastically reduce material processing times.

Applications range from structuring wafers, touchscreen surfaces or solar cells, to micro-drilling and processing of electronic components, glass and plastics, as well as sensor manufacturing. 



Highest Accuracy for Large-Surface Micromachining

XL SCAN is a scan solution for synchronously controlling a 2D scan head and an XY stage with two servo axes. The system was co-developed by SCANLAB and ACS Motion Control and provides a virtually limitless working area.

XL SCAN is ideally suited not only to micromachining of extensive areas, but also for cutting large films and drilling PCBs in electronics manufacturing.

Moreover, the use of tracking-error-free excelliSCAN scan heads and smart syncAXIS software assures highest precision for the application.

Throughput Optimization

XL SCAN’s contributors to enormously boosted throughput include optimized control and servo mechanisms – such as synchronous control or look-ahead trajectory planning – as well as the possibility of multi-head systems.

Highest Accuracy

This synchronized scan solution avoids stitching errors and compensates workpiece vibration. The totally new smart control approach considers the physical limits of table and scan head in trajectory planning. XL SCAN’s precision thereby exceeds that of other combined-control systems on the market.

Additionally, the syncAXIS control software’s trajectory planning supports advanced control of modern ultra-short pulse (USP) lasers.


Advanced Scanning Solutions

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