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Software & Calibration


Laser Marking and Processing Made Easy

laserDESK is the professional software for laser marking (laser engraving, coding, etc.) and materials processing.

laserDESK serves as the control center for your laser processing system's components and as the graphical user interface for creating and editing your complex laser jobs

  • Software for controlling laser marking processes

  • Easy execution of professional processing programs (laser jobs)

  • Create and manage custom marking templates



Quick and simple correction of system-specific errors

2D scan systems with an F-Theta objective typically produce characteristic image field distortions.  For applications requiring highest accuracy, special software solutions are available to create customized correction files.

The CALsheet software is a particularly user-friendly calibration solution for system-specific creation of ctb/ct5 correction files.

correXion pro


correXion pro

correXion offers adaptation of theoretically-calculated correction files to a system's specific characteristics, and thus improves absolute precision in laser processing. The calculated files take into account all geometric and optical effects of the used components. An additional calibration with correXion serves to minimize individual manufacturing tolerances and nonlinearity .

correXion provides an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) for reading in data. Diverse visualizations aid in evaluating optimization quality. Additionally, correXion can also be run dialog-free to facilitate simple and efficient integration into a system control.

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